Ducted Reverse Cycle
Air Conditioners

A ducted reverse cycle air conditioner is a very popular form of heating and cooling in Adelaide. The system is made up of the following parts:

  • Indoor fan coil / condenser
  • Outdoor unit or heat pump
  • Ducting
  • Outlets
  • Return air grille
  • Zone motors
  • Wall controller

The way the system works is by pumping refrigerant through copper pipes that connect the indoor unit to the outdoor unit. For example, when on cooling, the outdoor unit pumps refrigerant up to the indoor unit, whilst this is running it is sucking air from the return air grille and blowing the air over the indoor fan coil. This air, which is at room temperature, is passed over the fan coil which is chilled by the refrigerant. As it does so, the air is cooled and the heat from the air is absorbed into the refrigerant and dissipated over the large coil within the outdoor unit, hence the fans running on the outdoor unit. Much the same way as your car radiator works. Now that we have chilled air, the indoor unit blows that air through the ducting to the outlets. The way we control where that air ends up is through the use of zone/damper motors, controlled by a unit on the wall.

The beauty of a Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner is that the exact same process works when the refrigerant is pumped ‘in reverse’ and provides our homes with heating, even in the middle of winter when outside temperatures can be 0 degrees, or below.

The reason why this form of heating and cooling is so popular is due to how flexible these ‘designs’ can be. If you have sufficient roof/ceiling space, the indoor unit can be located within it. They can be installed during construction or in an existing home. We can the run all the connecting pipes and cables to the outdoor unit, up to 30 meters away without losing any efficiency. As the ducts are flexible they can be manipulated into tight spaces.

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