Geothermal Air Conditioning

Rinnai’s Geoflo Hybrid 22 geothermal system harnesses free renewable energy from the ground to reliably deliver highly efficient energy for your home’s heating and cooling needs. In addition, the Geoflo technology diverts surplus energy to generate free hot water for your home.

EAS are the experts in Adelaide when it comes to installing Rinnai Geoflo Hybrid 22 geothermal systems.

Here are the steps to getting a system installed, and some of its unique features:

Installation of the Geothermal Ground Loop

First, a highly trained licensed geo drilling team drills, installs and seals the ground loop heat exchange mechanism and charges the system with a proprietary heat exchange medium which is 100% environmentally benign. This mechanism is protected by a proprietary conductive casing providing optimum performance all year round. The depth of the ground loop can vary from 40 to 100 metres.

Integration of the Energy Exchange Unit

Next, the Rinnai Geoflo Hybrid 22 energy exchange unit is thermally insulated and mounted by EAS to an external wall, and the geothermal energy feed is integrated using Australian-designed AI technology which monitors operations and displays data for easy installation, commissioning and diagnostics.

Surplus Energy Used for Water Heating

Energy that is surplus to the heating and cooling of your home is captured and diverted by Rinnai’s unique technology to provide free water heating.

Variable Speed Air Fan

A variable speed supply air fan inside the home automatically adjusts air flow to provide optimum capacity and comfort at your choice of temperatures.

Control the Geoflow System with App or Touch Screen

With your home or office Wi-Fi connection, you are able to control your indoor thermostat from anywhere, and the Total Connect Comfort app lets you monitor or control the geothermal system using your smartphone. The Rinnai Geoflo Hybrid 22 also has a high-definition touch screen thermostat.

Single Phase Power

The Geoflo Hybrid 22 system only requires single phase power, so you can save thousands by avoiding having to install the 3 phase power that traditional 22kW systems need.

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