EV Charging

We provide EV charging station installs for home and business.

Whether you’re looking for an EV station install as part of your new residential home build, or are wanting to offer EV charging to your customers as part of your business offering, we can help. Please get in touch with one of our friendly team to chat about your EV station requirements.

installs for home and business

Charging levels explained

Level 1 (AC Charging) – Runs off normal house power outlet. Most suited for Hybrid or very short range EV’s.

Level 2 – AC Charging – Requires a dedicated final sub circuit within home or business. They range in size but are commonly up to 7kW for single phase and up to 21kW for three phase.

Level 3 – DC higher powered chargers – Designed for more range in less time (i.e. like service station). Common to get up to ~50kms in 10-15minutes. These numbers vary greatly on the actual DC charger installed and the type of vehicle being charged.


Plug types explained

In Australia there are two main types of plug for AC charging. The Type 1 (J1772 or SAE J1772) and the Type 2 (Mennekes or IEC 62196). These are suitable for a wide range of vehicles. A third type of plug which is more suited to higher output DC chargers is the CHAdeMO type plug. These are used for Mitsubishi, Nissan and Toyota.


EAS Commercial charging solutions

We provide a wide range of bespoke and off the shelf charging solutions for your business. Many businesses are working with us to offer both paid-for charging solutions as well as others offering free charging for their customers. Offering free EV charging for your customers may entice them to stay a little longer and ultimately purchase more.


EAS Residential and home charging solutions

We have long lasting relationships with many of the builders we have worked with over the years. It is becoming much more common to make provisions for or to install EV charging on all new builds. Having access to a charger for overnight charging is going to be a necessity for all Australian homes in the near future. If you have an existing home and would like to retro-fit a charger, please call one of our friendly team to chat about your requirements.