Smappee EV Wall
Solar Powered Charging

Safe residential charging using solar energy with Smappee EV Wall.

Do you want to charge your electric car using solar energy and in perfect balance with the other energy flows in your home? Or are you looking for a way to pass the charging costs onto your employer? Smappee EV Wall is the solution for you.

With Smappee, you can charge your electric car using solar energy throughout the day thanks to Smappee’s AI-based integrated energy management technology. You’ll save on charging costs and enjoy more eco-friendly driving.

If you don’t have rooftop solar you can still save by optimising based on your lowest rate to save on residential charging costs.

We are Smappee’s partner in Adelaide for sales and installation.

Smappee EV Charger in Adelaide

Smart charging with overload protection

The Smappee EV Wall is a compact and user-friendly solution for residential charging with simple elegance. The EV Wall comes with in-built overload protection. This ensures that the electrical system of your home stays within its power limit, meaning you no longer have to worry about blown fuses when charging. Smappee EV Wall automatically adjusts its charging capacity on to match your energy needs.

Built-in Smappee Infinity home energy management system

The Smappee EV Wall incorporates Smappee Infinity, Smappeeā€™s smart energy management system. Smappee Infinity allows you to view and manage your electricity consumption and solar production at a glance, in real-time. For even more insight and control EAS can supply and install additional Smappee Infinity modules to optimise your home energy use.

See your charging process and costs

You won’t have to wait for your monthly bill to find out how much EV charging at home is costing you. The Smappee App and Dashboard let you know in real-time. It is possible to apply split billing to pass on the charging costs to your employer. You can also see how much solar energy you use for each charging session.

Smappee Energy App Adelaide

Residential charging for Adelaide homes

If you are in Adelaide, we can supply and install a Smappee EV Wall for you. It is compatible with any electrical connection and any electrical vehicle. And a Smappee residential charging station charges up to seven times faster than a regular socket. Talk to us to get Smappee EV Wall technical information.

Smappee EV charging for businesses in Adelaide

Do you own a business or charging hub and want to install multiple charging stations? EAS can provide customisable charging solutions for you like the Smappee EV Base and the the Smappee EV Wall Business edition.

Charge multiple cars at the same time, add payment options and enjoy even more insight and control via the Smappee Dashboard.

Smappee EV Base is the charging station tailored to businesses. For offices, hospitality or retail, as soon as you install one or several business charging stations, you need insight, control and payment options. The award-winning Smappee EV Base offers that and more.

Smappee EV Charging for Business