Smappee Smart Charging
and Energy Management

Residential Smappee EV Wall Units

Smappee EV Charger in Adelaide

Residential charging

  • Smart charge your electric car using solar energy and optimized energy flows with the Smappee EV Wall unit.
  • Save on charging costs and enjoy ecofriendly driving.
  • Dynamic overload protection to protect your electricity supply.
  • AI-based technology allows for solar charging throughout the day.
  • Even without rooftop solar, optimize power useage based on your lowest electricity rate to save on residential charging costs.
  • Best smart charger according to Clean Energy Reviews.
  • Belgium designed and manufactured.
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Smappee EV charging for businesses

Smappee EV Charger in Adelaide

Commercial charging

  • Customisable charging solutions for businesses and retail charging hubs.
  • Charge multiple cars simultaneously with multiple payment options.
  • Dynamic control and fleet level management with the Smappee app and dashboard.
  • Dynamic overload protection to protect your incoming electricity supply.
  • Smappee EV Base and Smappee EV Ultra (DC Fast charger) allow solutions to be tailored to any business’s charging requirements.
  • Scalable solutions which are ideal for offices, carparks, hospitality, and retail businesses.
  • This award-winning technology offers advanced features and functionality.
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Smappee Infinity management system

Smappee EV Charger in Adelaide

Smappee Infinity

  • Smappee Infinity is an intelligent energy management system that helps businesses and households reduce their energy consumption and costs while minimizing their carbon footprint.
  • Smappee Infinity is compatible with all solar PV systems and enables you to monitor your electricity usage and solar production in real time.
  • Smappee Infinity monitors energy production and energy use in the home or business and dynamically optimises their use and ensure maximum efficiency and cost savings.
  • Monitor charging sessions and costs within the Smappee dashboard in real-time.
  • Apply split billing to pass on charging costs.
  • Track solar energy used for each charging session.
  • All this included with every EV Wall Home and selected commercial applications.

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