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Heat pump hot water systems are an efficient and environmentally friendly option for water heating. By harnessing heat from the surrounding air, they can reduce electricity consumption by up to 74% compared to traditional electric storage systems.

The fact that they can be programmed to operate during optimal daytime weather conditions and align with surplus solar PV generation makes them an attractive option for households with solar panels. This setup allows homeowners to maximize their solar energy usage, reduce their reliance on the grid, and save on energy costs. With the decreasing solar feed-in tariffs and rising gas prices, heat pump hot water systems are an excellent choice for households looking to reduce their energy expenses and carbon footprint.


A heat pump consumes between 0.5-1kW per hour for heating, in contrast to a standard 250-liter electric storage tank that requires 3.6kW, which is over three times the electricity usage for the same result. This translates to approximately $800 in annual running cost savings when making the switch!

# Energy saving of up to 70% based on a Rinnai Enviroflo 180ltr Heat Pump when compared to a standard electric water heater of the same capacity during peak winter load in Zone 1 based on AS/NZS4234. Savings will vary depending upon your location (Zone 1-5), type of water heater being replaced, hot water consumption and associated fuel tariffs

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*Terms and Conditions
• This offer is only available in the Adelaide Metropolitan area and is subject to availability.
• The offer is valid until November 30, 2024, unless changes are made to the scheme or offer prior to that date.
• Eligible properties include Class 1 properties without natural gas connection, Class 2 dwellings, and small businesses in SA replacing an existing external electric storage tank or heat pump system.
• All installation quotes require a site inspection.
• To confirm eligibility, customers must contact EAS Pty Ltd to discuss their property’s existing setup.
• This offer is only valid for supply and installation by EAS Pty Ltd
• All REPS credits generated from this offer are to be assigned to MAC Trade Service’s (MACTS) partnered Energy Retailer.