Rural property East of Morgan with no mains power for many Kilometres. The client has purchased a parcel of land and wants to live out there in the relative peace and quiet. Client wants to live an on-grid lifestyle in an off-grid location!

We liaised with the customer about their requirements both initially and in the future. We analysed his expected and future loads from a consumption point of view and designed a system accordingly.

The client will be living there and has a mixture of daytime and night-time loads. We designed the system with both AC coupled and DC coupled solar. The AC coupled solar is more efficient at directly supplying the daytime AC loads. The DC coupled solar is more efficient at charging the battery to be used later in the evening when the sun is down.

  • Fronius Primo 8kW
  • Victron Quattro 40/15000
  • Victron SmartSolar 250/85
  • PowerPlus LiFeP04 – 20kWh storage