Solar Battery Storage

South Australia

We custom design and install a solar battery storage system that will maximise your investment for your home and business.

Combine a professionally designed solar PV system with a customised scalable battery storage system and you can generate enough electricity for your 24-hour needs and/or provide backup electricity when a black out happens. The time of day that you use your appliances is important. Solar power can be used during the day and excess power used to charge your battery for night time use. We assess your electricity usage and make a recommendation to correctly size your battery storage system, so you don’t over pay for storage.

  • Add a solar battery storage system to your existing solar system.
  • We can install solar systems that can be “battery ready” so it is easy to connect batteries in the future.
  • We can design and install a complete solar system with battery storage, customised to your needs.
  • For home or business, we supply a scalable solar battery storage system which enables you to add more batteries in the future as your needs change.
  • By installing batteries, take control and become energy independent.